Chapter 345

3 Years

The Magus world was extremely pragmatic; no one would make life difficult for a rank 2 Magus just for a guild that was already exterminated.

Given that the demise of Nature’s Alliance would benefit quite a few other guilds, if Dense Fog Forest still had survivors who could repeatedly report them and collude with the authorities, there would have been a small bit of hope. However, Leylin had directly uprooted them. Under the massive Toxic Bile attack on their headquarters, not even a dog had survived. Thus, this matter had been met with little resistance.

This was another reason why Leylin had to exterminate the headquarters of Dense Fog Forest, not only to protect the secret of the Icy World.

Since the way forward had been decided, the other matters were much easier to take care of. Hence, Logan immediately remarked, “In that case, the joint conference will handle this situation appropriately. Dense Fog Forest’s remaining strength should also be handed over to another guild!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get Nature’s Alliance on the path to becoming a medium-scale guild once I go back. However, will the council members...

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