Chapter 344

Rank 3 Magus

One property of high-grade meditation techniques was that they tended to get harder to cultivate towards higher cultivation levels.

Typically, many Magi would not be able to wait for their meditation techniques to be promoted because they tended to die of old age before their meditation techniques could be cultivated to a higher level.

This was why Magi were all passionate about collecting data since they wanted to increase the pace of the cultivation of their meditation techniques.

“Hu…” Leylin let out a long breath.

“Looks like it is imperative that I use potions or other methods to hasten the pace of the increase in the level of my meditation cultivation. 200 years is way too long!”

There were many differences between the resources of the Twilight Zone and of the south coast; perhaps it would be possible to find spiritual force potions suitable for a rank 2 Warlock. Leylin remained confident in the resources that the Twilight Zone possessed.

[Beep! Rank 3 Magi simulation data has been completed. Completion level: 69.24%]

The A.I Chip intoned. Behind the data on rank 2 Magi,...

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