Chapter 343

Dragon King’s Mystic Might

Nature’s Alliance headquarters.

The headquarters had now undergone renovations. The reconstruction had started from the bottom, with magic spells fixed up and the acolytes who had died in battle buried.

Powerful energy fluctuations were concealed within these few building structures. They were like multiple stars aiming to bring out the moon, crowding around a laboratory right in the centre.

Whether it was the original acolytes of Nature’s Alliance or the newly-joined Magi, they would always unconsciously slow their footsteps when they passed by and exhibit their respect.

In the middle of the laboratory.

Leylin stood by a table, deep in thought while gazing at the few items on the silver desk.

These ten or so items were very simple. There were green leaves, red earrings, a short brown rod, and even the black crystals that Skrill had previously given him.

The silver surface of the table was made using a special alloy. It was incomparably hard and had a high resistance against specific magic experiments. Hence, it was widely used in this area.

Currently, the shining, sparkling metallic surface reflected Leylin’s troubled expression.


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