Chapter 342

Abyssal Breath

“My Lord! That’s the Dense Fog Forest’s headquarters!”

Old man Iren pointed to a fog-shrouded forest in the middle of the basin, with a look of respect on his face.

Currently, Iren was completely submissive to Leylin and existed as his servant.

Leylin walked behind him with conflicted feelings. Together with Obo, Ilya, and the other rank 3 acolytes, their faces were red with emotions.

Rank 2 Magus! Their famed professor was actually a rank 2 noble Magus who actually defeated a lot of enemies with just one blow!

They were proud of this kind of glory.

“The Dense Fog Forest is still a medium-scale guild, with an extremely strong Magi formation barrier. With several protected and contracted beings as the first line of defense, does this not mean that we are…”

Iren had revealed all of Gus’ defensive lines backhandedly.

“We do not need anything! I alone am sufficient. All of you keep in mind, without my orders, no one is allowed to step into the basin!”

Leylin’s face was stern. After which, he transformed into a gust of wind and disappeared in mid-air.


A sound could be heard as he travelled. Celine and...

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