Chapter 341

Ruthless Retaliation

“What gains are you referring to? I can give them up straight away!”

There was a glint in Celine’s eyes...

“This is your final chance! If this happened before the joint conference, I might have given it a thought, but now…”

Gus shook his head and said, “There is no further need for you to stall for time! There has been no Magus who has ever been able to survive after being hit by my Fog Giant’s self-detonation. Even if Leylin manages to survive the blow, he’s probably incapacitated unable to move a single muscle.”

Celine felt complete despair as her last hope was shattered.

“Get on with it!” She closed her eyes and exposed her pale neck.

“Where is Skrill?” Gus asked at the end while he formed a ball of distortion-filled with destructive energy.

“I have no idea. Leylin personally carried out the interrogation!”

“Then you are no longer of use!”

The indifferent Gus released the ball of distortion in his hands.

*Pu!* A layer of a black scaly shield appeared out of nowhere in front of Celine, and it managed to block the explosion from the attack.

After the smoke dissipated, a black-robed...

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