Chapter 340

Invasion And Siege

Continuing the trial of the joint conference, the Dense Fog Forest would most likely not be destroyed, but there would be bloodshed. In addition, a decrease in their evaluation was a possible punishment, which would be a big loss in benefits!

Needless to say, the “seriously injured” Leylin was here too!

Since there was so much hatred, the only way to end this would be through complete destruction, was something that the other party could not tolerate.

Thus, they would take advantage of Leylin being in the midst of recovery by gathering all their manpower, and destroy the Nature’s Alliance!

This was what Leylin also hoped for.

“I had specially given him a few days to rally his men. I hope he doesn’t let me down!” Leylin sneered.

Shortly after, he turned and looked towards the canyon’s exit.


At this moment, Magi wearing black Chinese-styled gowns stood in a circle outside the Canyon, silently crowding around several figures in the middle.

The leader of the group, a middle-aged man with a face worthy of veneration, was the escaped guild leader of...

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