Chapter 339

Frost Innate Spell

A few days later, rumours had begun to spread around the Twilight Zone.

The rumours claimed that the guild leader of the Dense Fog Forest longed for the resources held by the Nature’s Alliance and the other small-scale guilds, and had been plotting to absorb them on the sly. There was even news that the Dense Fog Forest wanted to openly rob and murder the guild leader of the Nature’s Alliance!

Even though the assassination was not successful, there were rumours about both Celine and the Nature’s Alliance honorary professor, Leylin, being seriously injured.

These rumours first started spreading within a small circle of Magi, but very soon more people came to know about them. What was stranger about this situation was that the Dense Fog Forest had not sent anyone to refute the rumours, but had instead added fuel to the fire.

The largest propagator would reap the most benefits! Even though medium-scale guilds or even large-scale guilds had done the same, it was rare to see such unfiltered, unsightly tactics like those of the Dense Fog Forest.

Immediately all small-scale guilds of the Eastern Twilight Zone became cautious and distanced...

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