Chapter 338

Severe Injuries

Leylin glanced at the Fog Giant that was in front of him.

After Xerxes fused with the Fog Giant, not only did its strength increase, but its movements also became more agile.

“Based on the principle of elemental essence conversion, can the physical body itself be converted into an element? An interesting train of thought!”

How knowledgeable was Leylin in this area? He had stored all the academic knowledge from the south coast in the A.I. Chip, and with a few glances, he could roughly deduce the theory and application behind this ultimate attack formed from fog.

“It’s a pity that a Magus’ body is the only place where spiritual force can be stored. The moment the physical body is converted, it will then lose the chance to go one step further!”

Leylin sighed, seemingly looking upon his opponent with pity.

This attitude had obviously infuriated Xerxes, and with a roar, the Fog Giant charged over.

Leylin fearlessly manipulated the large giant serpent and had it coil around his opponent.

*Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!*

The scale of the battle increased in size, and...

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