Chapter 337

Mist Transformation

A carriage travelled across the dark plains unhurriedly.

Two wildebeests pulled the carriage. Due to the unhurried nature of the journey, these two steeds snorted as they gnawed at the plants along the path from time to time.

Around the carriage, a layer of light illuminated the surrounding land.

This was due to a constant illumination magic being applied to the horse carriage.

“Leylin, you made Obo and Ilya lower the speed of the carriage, and you also had me prepare this. What is this all about?”

Within the horse carriage, Celine asked Leylin as she suddenly raised her head and lifted a crystal ball that glowed with runes.

“It’s obviously to wait for somebody!” Leylin reclined on the cushioned seat as he squinted his eyes.

“Is it...Skrill from the Eight-Clawed Spider?”

Celine was an intelligent woman, and her expression changed immediately.

“Not only that, but perhaps also Magi from the Dense Fog Forest. After all, I am here!”

Leylin chuckled and suddenly walked out to the front of the carria...

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