Chapter 336

Six Stars

Just when the council member was about to announce the start of the fight, Leylin suddenly interrupted him.

“What? Do you want to admit your defeat right now, Celine?”

Of course, Skrill did not dare to be brazen with Leylin. In fact, regardless of whether it was Leylin or Xerxes, he could not afford to offend either of them. Hence, he could only taunt Celine.

“Rubbish!” Celine retorted angrily, worriedly looking at Leylin at the same time.

“Leylin… He… He wouldn’t just give up because of his inability to clearly see through Xerxes’s strength, would he?”

Celine clenched her fists, and even started breaking out in cold sweat.

Honestly, with her talents and meditation skills, Celine was very confident previously that she would be able to defeat all the Magi that had competed in the previous rounds.

However, upon seeing Leylin’s strength, her confidence had dissipated into thin air.

Right now, Celine realised that she did not understand Leylin a single bit.

“Magus Leylin! Do you have any problem?”

The council member holding the books asked.

“I recall that during the evaluation, other than these battling methods, aren’t there other ways as w...

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