Chapter 335


For these Magi, mediating the conflicting views from before was merely a small matter. However, the evaluation of guilds could directly affect their interests!

Hence, the atmosphere turned solemn very quickly.

*Cough cough!* The council member in the middle coughed lightly, and only after it quietened down did he begin to speak, “The evaluation process will go the same way as before. We will first announce the results before the evaluations are open to challenges. Each guild has, at most, three chances. Lower rated guilds can challenge higher rated guilds, but higher rated guilds are not to interfere with the lower rated guilds. Guilds of the same evaluation can challenge each other to settle any conflicts, and those who are defeated have to wait until the next time…”

Leylin found Celine stiffen from worry after hearing the council member’s words.

“Even if you don’t have enough strength, those resources are all given out to you by the joint conference. They’re not yours in the first place, so why are you so worried?”

Leylin was a little speechless.

From his perspective, one would be able...

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