Chapter 334

The Fallen City

“Since everybody has gathered, then I can begin the announcement! Let the 325th Eastern Region Magi joint conference begin!”

After looking around, the council member in the middle immediately spoke.

Even though his voice was not loud, he could be heard by every Magus present.

Once he spoke, the books, calligraphy brushes, weighing scales, and the other items in the arms of the nine enforces immediately emitted faint rays of white light that floated in the air.

“I summon the Fallen City!!!”

Nine rays of light shot out from the books and other materials in a flash and converged into a big white sun.

*Boom! *

The tall pagoda violently shook and a big crack from the abyss opened.

The Magi looked very calm during this kind of disastrous earthquake and only used their powers to protect themselves and their apprentices, as well as their luggage, horses, and so on.

*Bang! Bang! Bang! *

A few huge stone statues suddenly broke through the ground floor, emerging like tall mountains that cast large shadows on the surface.

“These are the Twilight...

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