Chapter 333

Killing Intent

The only high-grade meditation technique in the Nature’s Alliance, the Crystal Mask, had been recorded by Leylin. It was a technique based on illusions that used energy from plants as supplements. There were merely two levels to it.

As specific materials required to advance to the second level were only able to be acquired from another world, there had never been another rank 2 Magus in the entire history of Nature’s Alliance.

Leylin possessed the Kemoyin’s Pupil, and had already confirmed his path as a Warlock. Naturally, he wouldn’t change his meditation technique.

As a result, with one glance, outsiders would be able to tell that he was not a Magus trained by Nature’s Alliance.

Based on the rules at the joint conference, Magi like himself were able to make an appearance, but small-scaled guilds could only choose one such Magus, and the chosen Magus could not be be changed.

“Dont worry, I have faith in Leylin!” Celine said confidently.

Leylin appeared to be a peak rank 1 Magus. This kind of strength was a equivalent...

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