Chapter 332

Notta Highlands

“Have you made inquiries about this already?”

Leylin asked Celine, who was at the side.

“Based on intel from a few close friends, the person targeting us at this joint conference is Skrill of the Eight-Clawed Spiders!” Celine smoothed her hair out, revealing her pale neck. One could also see her well-developed chest.

“Skrill? That spider man?” Leylin turned a blind eye to Celine’s unintended seduction. The Crystal Mask that Celine trained in had a special effect, in which the Magus would unwittingly bewitch the people around them.

This was not very effective on a semi-converted Magus, and even less so on Leylin.

“He’s merely a semi-converted Magus. With a few helpers, you’d be able to take care of him, right?”

Leylin glanced at Celine.

“If it was only him, I could somewhat contend against by using some help my mentor left me, but…”

Celine’s eyebrows showed her gloominess at this. “There seems to be another power supporting Skrill..”

“I see!” Leylin nodded.

“Of course, all I hope for...

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