Chapter 330

Joint Conference

“Do you know about the joint conference of the eastern guilds?”

Celine asked.

“Joint conference?” Leylin repeated. In the Twilight Zone, there was a parliamentary system, but it was simply a compromise between all the large and small organisations.

One would be able to understand just by taking these words literally. Besides, Aaron had also information about this in his memories.

“My apologies! I’ve been wandering in the borders of the regions and I don’t know much about this. I’ve heard something, though. Isn’t it a conference where multiple guilds segregate their rankings and profits?”

Leylin answered.

“Exactly!” Celine’s wry smile became more prominent. “The joint alliance is a grand occasion for the Magi in the eastern capital. Every twenty years, all the guilds in the eastern capital will gather. Nine council members will, in their capacity as hosts, mediate all conflicts, conduct another election, and divide territories.”

“Even the rating of guilds will be decided during this joint conference! As...

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