Chapter 329

The Headquarters’ Location


Mully hesitated. Although he doubted the other party’s strength, Magi were a rational bunch. If it wasn’t for Celine, he would not even dare to provoke the other party.

Now, he was somewhat uncertain.

If Leylin really possessed such huge power and he decided to challenge him, wouldn’t he be courting death?

Immediately, Mully opened his mouth wide, “ This… this is…”

In this moment, Leylin had already thrown the ice mountain on the floor, producing a loud sound.

Within the ice mountain stood a thin bodied Icy Jade Scorpion that was unmoving, as if it were a statue.

“Celine! Get some people here and move these items!” Leylin contacted Celine through the secret imprint, and from the other end came a surprised squeal.

“Oh? Previously, Magus Leylin went down with the purpose to do research on the Icy Jade Scorpion. It looks like his gains were pretty good! Unexpectedly, he even caught a smaller one. It seems like it’s a young one!”

Old Madre smiled and...

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