Chapter 325

Experiment and Seizure

Leylin shifted his attention to the battlefield.

The Icy Jade Scorpion had now completely won, and after a single hiss, most of the blue ants fled in all directions.

The Icy Jade Scorpion did not chase after the defeated army of ants. Instead, it crawled to the top of a mound and used its large pincers to dig at the mound, revealing a nest with numerous holes that made it look like a honeycomb.

In it were large numbers of orderly lined up white eggs.

*Chi chi!* The Icy Jade Scorpion gave a cry of exultation and began to pig out.

“My apologies, but I’ll need to disturb you for a while!”

Its feeding time had been interrupted by another being. The tiny red eyes of the Icy Jade Scorpion fixed were fixed on the human figure in front of him, its two large pincers constantly flying in the air and its poisonous stinger flexing behind its back.

*Chi chi!* The Icy Jade Scorpion was instantly enraged by Leylin, who had disturbed its meal. Large amounts of icy mist was produced from its mouth and aimed at Leylin.

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!*


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