Chapter 324

An Approaching Conspiracy

If the route that Leylin had taken had been filled with hordes of darkness creatures on the way to the eastern capital, the journey would not have been so quiet.

Even if Leylin were to survive, Baelin, Jenny, and James definitely would have died in the mouths of these dark elemental beasts.

It was obvious that within the icy caves, in the places that these beasts convened, they hated light; they would attack with all they had the moment that they detected any.

“Even I would need to spend a lot of time and magic to deal with all of those bats every day. It’s not worth it.”

Leylin sighed.

While the groups of bats were running amok, he had used a concealment spell. Hence, he had naturally not been pursued or attacked by the bats.

After doing some experiments, Leylin made up his mind.

“Night Vision!” He used this spell on himself.

This was an essential spell for many Magi in the subterranean world. With this spell,...

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