Chapter 323

Icy Cave

As far as Leylin was concerned, he had collected high-level meditation techniques to supplement the A.I. Chip’s information bank and to further understand the contents of the Kemoyin’s Pupil and Sacred Flame.

With the A.I. Chip’s formidable computation abilities, even if the data was somewhat incomplete, it did not matter. Difficulties regarding advancement were not the issue here, and in any case, Leylin himself would not be practicing all these techniques.

"Good! I am already aware of your sincerity!”

Under Celine’s somewhat stunned gaze, Leylin threw a light-gold leaf, the surface of which acted like a memory crystal, back to Celine and indifferently told her, “I now want to enter the icy cave by myself...”

"My lord! The icy cave’s terrain is complex, so even though you have a map, would you allow Obo or Ilya, or even Celine herself to guide you personally?”

Anxiety was present all over Celine’s face, as this was an opportunity for her relationship with Leylin to become better, and she did not want to miss it.

"No need for that!”

Leylin immediately rejected her suggestion.

In addition to the fact that...

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