Chapter 322

Crystal Mask

Celine herself had only just advanced to become an official Magus.

Compared to Skrill, she was obviously lacking. In addition, all the Magi that were on good terms with Nature's Alliance were not willing to offend a semi-converted Magus just for this small matter, as with their responsibilities in their respective guilds, they had to consider many more things than most other Magi.

Even if Celine were to win over a few Magi by using her body, those she could win over would at most be regular official Magi that would be much weaker than Skrill.

This was what had allowed Skrill to be so unreserved with his actions.

The smile on Celine’s face gradually became more forced as Skrill made things more difficult for her along every step of the way. At the same time, she also sent warnings to Obo and Ilya, telling them not to do anything that might provoke Skrill.

Obo and Ilya felt as if their hearts had been slashed, as they were only able to clench their fists at this scene.

Celine continued,...

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