Chapter 321

A Pact


Leylin took a bite of the fruit that had been created by using magic to accelerate its growth.

As for any poisons, after having awakened the toxic innate talent of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent, he was basically immune to most poisons in the world. Perhaps only the terrifying toxins that originated from ancient times might be able to affect him.

As the fruit entered his mouth, a fragrant and sweet juice flowed between his teeth.

“It tastes pretty good, and it also seems to be beneficial towards one’s spiritual force! It is still rather effective for official Magi who are gathering spiritual force.”

Leylin gave a slightly surprised glance towards Celine.

“The Sicily fruit is only effective for official Magi who are eating it for the first time. If a Magus’ rank is too high, or if it is eaten multiple times, it is probably only useful for satisfying one’s taste buds and stomach.” Celine could only force a wry smile, pointing out the flaws in the fruit.

“Even so, it is still remarkable!”...

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