Chapter 320


“There is only one effect from such a meditation technique, and that is to increase affinity with others!”

“Natural affinity! Affinity to all things! At its peak, it will even affect intelligent creatures and their unconscious state of mind. Furthermore, it will also attract the illusion elemental energy particles…”

Leylin quickly deduced Celine’s meditation technique.

“Terrifying! At its later stages, this meditation technique will even affect official Magi, where the energy particles will enter the Magus’ body and influence their spirit’s natural inclinations…”

Of course, Celine’s attainment in this meditation technique had not reached such a level yet. Furthermore, Leylin had only conjectured the level higher than her current state, which may not even be true.

Evidently, her lustrous appearance could still not enchant Leylin.

Hence, Leylin had not completely disregarded Celine’s beauty and found another chair made of vines, which was facing her, to sit on. “I'm sure that...

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