Chapter 319


There were only a few Potion Masters in the entire south coast, and they were all pursued and worshipped by many major powers.

Hence, Leylin did not dare to expose his attainment in potioneering.

Advancing to rank 2 at his age was already heaven-defying, but if he revealed his skill in potioneering, he would be called not a normal genius, but a freak of nature!

A Potion Master’s progress was not dependent on his theory research—he had to do a great amount of practical work. Only after wasting lots of resources could he get plenty of experience and thus make progress.

Even if Leylin was freakishly talented, he simply could not be promoted to a higher level in potioneering without doing anything.

If many Magi decided to investigate him, the existence of his A.I. Chip might even be exposed!

Because of this, Leylin had always concealed his genuine realm in Potions, choosing to stay silent regarding this.

The most important aspect of a Potions Master was innovation! By relying on their wealth of knowledge and experience, they could improvise formulas and...

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