Chapter 317

Icy Jade Scorpion Breath

Leylin looked at the members of the Earth Fire Association

The Magi sitting here were rather few. Including Leylin and Siegfried, they only amounted to 5 people.

No matter if it was the south coast or the Twilight Zone, it was not easy to advance to an official Magus. However, once someone advanced, their status and position would undergo massive changes.

“When I had recently studied Gaia's Might, I felt that it was very difficult to attract the earth element energy particles. It was especially so on the topic of gathering Gaia’s aura...”

At this moment, one of the red-haired Magi impatiently began to talk.

“For that, I believe an energy particle pond will help you...” Siegfried interrupted with his own opinion.

“That is not realistic! It consumes too many resources! I suggest using 3 kinds of meditation assisting runes, but then there is the problem of impurities in your spiritual force later on...”

Leylin found that these Magi of the Earth Fire Association discussed quite a bit about their experiences while training using their high-level meditation technique, Gaia's Might.

Some of the problems discussed had been researched...

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