Chapter 316

Chamber of Commerce


Todd's black dagger slashed across the translucent armour, but it harmlessly bounced off.

“It's a defensive secret technique!” Todd's eyes gleamed.

There were many secret techniques for Grand Knights, but many of them were just a large boost in a single attribute.

For example, Todd's secret technique focused on speed, raising it to twice his original speed!

From what he could see, Baelin had mustered a technique that boosted his defense.

“Dummy, once your technique wears off, you will still be slain by me!” A sinister smile appeared on Todd's face.

However, Baelin suddenly moved!

Speed! Baelin was extremely quick; as he moved, his translucent armour created a shrill noise from the wind passing through.

Todd could only see the bare afterimages!

“It's...actually the two attributes buff!” Todd cried out hoarsely, yet the greed in his eyes only grew more apparent.

Such a technique was of a considerably high grade that existed only in myths....

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