Chapter 314

Gaia’s Might

“Haha… an outdated work such as this can also get a sigh of admiration from Magus Leylin? It is indeed my honour!”

At that moment, the door at the base of the white tower opened, revealing a linen-clothed old guy, who grinned at Leylin. It was evident that he had overheard Leylin’s deliberate sigh.

“This humble self is Siegfried Argus! I greet Lord Leylin.”

This old guy’s expression was respectful, and he slightly bent his waist to bow, as was per the Magus’ etiquette.

This etiquette was passed down from ancient times, and was something Leylin had only seen in ancient books. He remained unfazed and repeated the same bow as he said, “I, Leylin, greet Lord Siegfried!”

After the perfunctory greetings were done with, Leylin was able to size up this Lord Siegfreid.

Siegfried's style of clothing was very casual, as if it could be torn apart with a single pull. It was more leisurely and comfortable compared to the splendid attire of the lords in the outer hall.

The current Siegfried was not someone that Leylin would associate as being the trump card of a great family. If it weren’t for his right-hand, Leylin would have assumed...

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