Chapter 313

Magus Tower

The whole drawing room seemed to be covered by a black halo of light, and even the cracks on the window were also completely sealed off as if they had been covered with a layer of black cotton.

This kind of strange scene caused Baelin to be amazed. Feeling curious, he tried to touch the ‘black cotton.’ The light quickly refilled the path that his hand passed through

Baelin enjoyed this very much, and when he looked at Leylin, his expression was much more respectful than in the past.

During this journey, Baelin had come to know of Leylin’s identity as an official Magus from Jenny and James.

For Baelin, who was from Potter Town, a Knight was already considered to be an awesome, lordly identity. However, a Magus? This was already something that was only heard of in legends.

In fact, Baelin had always fantasized about becoming a Magus and wielding the powers of lightning, fire, and ice.

This was also because if he could become a Magus, he would be able to marry Jenny.

But unfortunately, all his hopes were easily dashed by Leylin’s words “you don’t have any talent...

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