Chapter 312

Settling Down

There was a shiny insignia on the flags held by this group of white Knights.

Lush sun vines formed the border of the insignia, and in the middle were a giant sword and shield. On the top lay a crown, which represented the profound origins and illustrious history of the household.

“It’s the Sun Vine Argus Family!”

“That well-known family where the Marquis is!”

“That is their ‘Silver-White Knight Squadron. Could it be that some important figure of the Argus Family is setting out on a journey?”

The citizens and passers-by fervently discussed amongst themselves, and Baelin put on an extremely complex expression.

“I’ll get going!” Jenny looked at Baelin and spoke.

“Oh? Eh! Alright!” Baelin replied sluggishly. Only now did he realise how great a distance he was from Jenny.

“Let’s us leave too, my lord!” Baelin sucked in a cold breath of air and spoke with resolve.

“We will remain in the city for a period. As for the location, I’m sure you don’t need to know. You’ll definitely be able to...

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