Chapter 311

Eastern Region’s Capital City

The black beetles completely covered Leylin’s body; it was as if he was wearing a very thick, black coat.

Numerous beetles tried to gnaw on Leylin’s body; their teeth struck upon his black scales, resulting in crinkling noises.

Leylin’s body emitted a black light and the layer of beetles trembled and fell off, but right after they just extended their exoskeletons and crawled back up.

These beetles eventually even advanced to the only exposed part of Leylin’s body: his eyes! They wanted to completely submerge him in the sea of their bodies!

“I underestimated them,” Leylin muttered. He had not expected that these black beetles would be so troublesome. There was not enough time for him to execute Toxic Bile!

“Ah! How can I die in this place?”

Leylin roared, and at this exact moment, the Giant Kemoyin Serpent’s bloodline within his body began to violently circulate.

Soon, Leylin’s pupils became amber colored vertical slits, and while facing the sky, he let out a loud hiss!.


It sounded fierce, and appeared very sinister! A tremendous, devilish aura was cleanly emitted from...

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