Chapter 310

Dreamland’s Creature

“Marsha! My beloved Marsha, is that you?”

Agitation filled James’ voice as he skipped lightly towards the woman in the black dress, reaching out his hands to pull her shoulders back.

Leylin stood on the horse carriage while observing, yet he did not stop James.

The situation right now was extremely strange, and he needed a guinea pig to test the waters.

James used some force to turn the woman in black dress around.

Suddenly, all he saw was a face with no orifices, but only a black swirl on it.

*Xiu!* Horror filled James’ face as he seemed to be pulled into a long black string and was continuously swirled as he was absorbed into the woman’s face.

The whole process was extremely quick, ending just as Leylin was about to lend a hand. However, through a replay, he could clearly see how James was stretched and distorted bit by bit into more than a dozen metres and eventually absorbed into the woman’s swirling face.

This time disorder left Leylin feeling so disgusted that he wanted to puke...

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