Chapter 309


The Argus Family’s Marquis illness demanded immediate attention, and time was running short. If they were unable to send the Dragon-Blooded Flower Bud back to the Marquis on time, he would very likely be poisoned to death.

By then, Jenny’s two uncles would have most likely seized control of the internal powers within the Argus Family.

This was a scene that Jenny was not willing to witness.

However, to let her and James pass through the Weeping Ghost Grounds? That would only be courting death!

Hence, after hearing that Leylin agreed to it, Jenny and James were exhilarated.

“Oh, I got this! So, we’ll pass through the Weeping Ghost Grounds, right? This name is really distasteful!” Baelin spoke casually and returned to the driver’s seat, before cracking his whip.

As a local, the only knowledge he knew of his world was Potter Town and the nearby Woody Wastelands. Due to the limited traffic and deficiency of information that Potter Town received, he had no knowledge of other places.

In fact, this was...

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