Chapter 308

Weeping Ghost Grounds

“My Lord! I’ve captured that old man!”

Along with Baelin’s voice, there was a low thud as if someone was being tossed to the ground.

“Alright. Let’s go see your little brother!”

Leylin laughed and left first, with James and Jenny trailing behind him.

Outside the carriage, Baelin was holding a large steel sword, his clothes tattered, thus revealing his firm muscles, and his skin also seemed to be glistening. He was staring at the old man in black clothing.

The old man still had the brand of a black skull on his face. This was naturally Rhodes, who had just escaped.

If one talked about strength, this level 3 acolyte wouldn’t be so easily taken down by Baelin, a Grand Knight. However, Leylin had first done something to Rhodes’ body, and Rhodes himself had lost confidence after seeing how terrifying Leylin was. This was how he had been able to be captured by Baelin and brought here.

“My lord, how should we deal with him?”

Baelin swung his large...

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