Chapter 307


A Magus’ spiritual force and magic power were not infinite.

Even if they had extraordinary strength, they would still suffer from natural limitations.

Even if James was a level 3 acolyte, when faced with a troop of a hundred elite soldiers, he could only retreat.

The opponent’s side had too many people, and even if they lined up for him to kill them, his pitiful amount of spiritual force and magic power would not be sufficient to kill them all.

And if these soldiers were all replaced with cavalrymen?

Hopelessness had already started invading James’ heart. Being surrounded by that many cavalryman, the most he could do was to escape by himself with that magic artifact of his, leaving behind Jenny.

But, we have Lord Leylin with us now. There shouldn’t be any problem.

James glanced at Leylin and forced himself to calm down.

A situation where a squadron composed of magicians and civilian troops fighting each other has never before occurred in the history of Twilight Zone.

After all, no lord would stupidly provoke an official Magus.

Moreover, as far as...

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