Chapter 305


The young man’s voice was resolute; his fists were clenched and his face flushed. Faint rays of light radiated from his body.

“So stubborn. Are you sure you won’t go back on your words? The moment you go to the eastern capital, I probably will no longer teach you!”

Leylin had a toying expression on his face.

“A Grand Knight isn’t anything much. There are probably a whole dozen in Jenny’s family. Let’s not even talk about the dangers on the way that will probably cause you to lose your life. What are you planning to do after you send her back? Be a captain of some guards at the Argus Family? Or perhaps, even worse, become a mercenary?”

“Have you thought of all these?”

Leylin asked.

Baelin had turned pale, but his voice was steady, “I know all that! But… but if I don’t send Jenny home safely, my heart will never be at ease. I know this for sure…”

“Fine! You can leave, but you are to never return.”

Leylin looked at this toy of his that was full of righteousness and gave an ultimatum before returning to his room.



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