Chapter 304

The Resolution Of A Youth

“Yes!” Jenny nodded.

“The Dragon-Blooded Flower Bud will perish soon, and my father will not be able to hold on much longer with his illness!”

”Alright then! I wish you a safe journey back to your home!” Baelin smiled with reluctance.

”Thank you!” Jenny did not speak further.

”Alright! The eastern capital is where the Argus Family is, I will pay a visit in the future!” Leylin sipped on his tea and stretched his right hand, gesturing as a gentleman.

”If Mister can come, then it would be the happiest thing that happened to Jenny!”

Jenny smiled, “How about returning home with me? My father would definitely be excited to be your acquaintance!” She looked at Baelin, “Of course, big brother Baelin, can come too!”

Hearing this, Baelin grew nervous as he looked eagerly at Leylin.

”My apologies! I have no desires to travel right now!” Leylin declined without hesitation, once again making Baelin look down in dismay.

Hearing this, Jenny turned silent for a moment, before...

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