Chapter 301


Under the bright, flickering torchlight, there were traces of the chaos that had occurred, such as blood and remnant flesh.

It was obvious that before having its meal, the Goat-Horned Earth Dragon had toyed with its food.

At this sight, the faces of the adventurers around darkened.

Outside of this site, there was a long line of bloodstains, causing it to appear as a bloody trail.

“Follow it!”

With Jenny’s command, the group lifted their torches and did as asked.

Twilight Zone was underground and was shrouded in darkness all year around. However, the surviving humans had yet to evolve and have night vision, thus, torches were one of the essential items when exploring in the Twilight Zone.

“The footprints are more concentrated here!”

Baelin lifted his torch with one hand, the other tightly grasping the handle of his steel sword. His joints had turned a little white from using too much strength.

A piercing stench was beginning to pervade the air, to the point that...

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