Chapter 300

Goat-Horned Earth Dragon

“Your goal is to become a Grand Knight! The distant stars are your goal!”

Leylin’s voice was filled with emotion, causing Baelin’s blood to heat up.

“Though your Knight training method came from me and is said to be the best of the best even by the standards of Grand Knights, you lack something important that the strong possess!”

“The strong? Something important?” Confusion appeared on Baelin’s face.

“Exactly! That is real bloody battles and confidence. The Knights who lacked the training methods you have developed their unrivalled confidence through constant bloody battles, smoothly stimulating their life energy and becoming Knights! You lack this process…”

“Hence, you need to take on an even more difficult task to stimulate your potential!”

Leylin’s expression looked like he was trying to tell Baelin it was all for his own good. “How about it? Can you see what I’m doing for you?”

“Though I don’t understand, it seems cool!” Baelin clenched his fists, “I’ll work hard, my lord!”


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