Chapter 299

Dragon-Blooded Flower Bud

“Don’t worry. You’re my employee after all; I won’t just send you to your death like that.”

Leylin waved his arms, saying things that were not helping Baelin calm down.

“I’ve already received more information. Jenny and the rest were trapped in a valley by Explosive Flaming Wolves, and temporarily will not meet with any danger…”

“I even prepared this for you!” Leylin passed a bag of medicinal powder to Baelin.

Baelin curiously sniffed at it, and then choked, sticking out his tongue, “What is this?”

“Stimulating medicinal powder! It can cover the smell of your live body scent and prevent the Explosive Flaming Wolves from finding you.”

Leylin gave a brief explanation, and that alone caused Baelin to light up, looking at the bag in his hands like it was filled with gold coins.

“Think about it. If you sprinkle the powder on yourself and walk into the valley, you’ll be able to rescue the princess easily. Reputation, power, money and even beautiful girls...

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