Chapter 298


“Is that so?” The girl lifted her brows, and even Baelin couldn’t bear to keep eye contact.

“Please pass on this message to that great master! I would like to meet him, and our Argus Family welcomes him to our door!” She spoke in an aloof manner.

The guard behind her immediately took out a sculpture that looked similar to the crest on his shoulder and passed it to Baelin.

“This! This! And those arrows. We want them all!”

The girl pointed at the display cabinet.

“Alright, alright!” Baelin was so excited that he was flushed red. He didn’t even have the time to analyse the crest in his hand, and immediately packed up the swords and other weapons, passing them to the guards behind her.

“The total is 1050 Gold! Thank you for your patronage!”

Baelin nodded at the girl, and the butler passed a small bag of gold coins and a purple-gold card to him. Baelin was on the verge of becoming stupid as his hand trembled while holding the bag.

The girl saw his movements and a glint of mischievousness...

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