Chapter 297

Baelin And The Girl

“Breathe out! Breathe in! Focus! Pay attention to the frequency!”

Baelin had taken off his shirt, revealing some muscle that he had gained after all these days of training. He sat cross-legged, closed his eyes, and inhaled deeply; the muscles on his body shook as he breathed.

“No, your abdominal muscles are moving incorrectly!” With a swing of his arms, a wooden sword mercilessly hacked at Baelin’s lower abdomen.

Baelin’s face twisted, and the muscles there withdrew. *Hah!* Two white streams of air exited from his nostrils.

“Remember it? This is the feeling!”

Leylin patted using the wooden sword.

“Hah…” After training a complete round in the breathing method, Baelin expelled a long breath, some black impurities could be found in the white gas that he let out. He opened his eyes.

“Are you a pig? It took you ten days to understand the surface of this simple breathing technique!”

Leylin scolded, and Baelin could only rub his head and laugh, continuously apologising.

After so many days of training,...

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