Chapter 296

Plot Twist

“I’ve mentioned it before. This is a mutual agreement. If your brother doesn’t want to do this, he’s free to leave at any time!”

Leylin spoke slowly.

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask him!” Leylin pointed at Longbottom, who was standing towards the side.

“Sister!” Longbottom ducked his head, a little afraid, but he sounded resolute, “It’s my own choice to work here at Master Leylin’s. It has nothing to do with him. Please don’t stop me.”

“You…” This young maiden was exasperated and pulled at Longbottom’s arm, revealing a large bruise, “Look at this. How are you still engrossed in these Knight fiction novels…”

“Cough cough!” Leylin suddenly coughed, interrupting her.

“This is my shop. If you wish to discipline your brother, please do it elsewhere and do not disrupt my business…”

Leylin said this boldly, though there were no customers in his shop right now.

“My- My apologies, my lord!” The young maiden covered her mouth, realising that...

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