Chapter 295


[Warlock class-specific weapon: Meteor Sword! Length: 1.67m. Width: 0.03m. Carved within are the following: High-grade energy converging runes, fire elemental brand runes, dark elemental amplification runes… Estimated grade of product: High-grade magic artifact!]

The long sword the A.I. Chip projected in front of Leylin constantly rotated, and listed large quantities of data around it.

“The design is completed. All that’s left is to find the materials and actually make it.” Leylin was excited.

However, when he entered his sea of consciousness, this joy quickly dissipated.

After two years, the silver-white crystal in his sea of consciousness was still as resilient as ever, and had only shrunk a little in size.

The spiritual force it produced allowed Leylin to increase his might from that of a regular rank 1 Magus, to the strength of a peak rank 1 Magus.

As for the cracks at the edges of his sea of consciousness, they had yet to be completely restored.

The mark left behind by the rank 3 Magus, Alric,...

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