Chapter 294 (Teaser)

Meteor Sword

“Baelin! Is anything the matter?”

Leylin gazed at the servant the baron had introduced to him and smiled.

“No, I’d just like to report the situation in the shop to you!” Baelin tried his best to be less nervous.

“Though there are a lot of people who show interest in our shop, boss, your prices… they’re a little too high, so it’s not good for business. I even think our shop will make a loss this month…”

“Is that so! I understand. You can go back now!”

Leylin waved his hands, looking as if he hadn’t been paying attention.

“Alright, you’re the boss! You call the shots!” Upon seeing this, Baelin could confirm that this Lord Leylin was probably a successor from an ancient noble family who was out here to experience life. If not, he definitely wouldn’t be taking things so lightly.

After Baelin left, Leylin started reading the book in his hands again.

On the yellowed parchment paper, red runes constantly moved like flames.

“To make a weapon from the Rays of Dawn is...

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