Chapter 293

Opening A Shop

The subterranean world was shrouded in darkness.

The towns and cities here where there were sun stones were the areas in which human traffic was high.

In the human cities of the Twilight Zone, the sun stone would be changed every 12 hours to be maintained, and kept the same light conditions as the surface of the earth.

However, a small area like Potter Town wouldn’t have a high-grade sun stone. At most, it would be the size of an egg.

Based on rumours, the larger a sun stone was, the higher its value and better its function was; it was said that at the capital of the five regions, there was a sun stone the size of a small mountain!

The moment a sun stone was lost, the entire area would be engulfed in darkness and surrounded by countless dangers. Hence, at every area populated by humans, the sun stone was always placed in an area with the highest level of security.

Seeing the darkness outside the window, Leylin heaved a gentle sigh and pulled the curtains shut.

After setting up a defensive...

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