Chapter 290

Assistance Required

Leylin had previously seen information regarding the resources of the subterranean world in an ancient book.

Legend has it that the ancient Magus World was only a small part of the surface of the earth, and before the ancient Magi’s focus had switched to the other worlds, their goal had been the subterranean world!

The ancient Magi all wielded formidable power; even the sun and the moon would lose their splendor when put in front of these Magi. Many of the natives of the subterranean world had been subdued by them, and these Magi had then exploited layers and layers of the subterranean world to obtain endless wealth and resources.

It was recorded that the ancient Magi had exploited the 7 layers of the subterranean world!

It was said that the further down the layers one visited, the more powerful the ethnic race of that layer would be, and that at the core of the earth, there was an extremely terrifying female existence.

But these did not stop the ancient Magi from venturing further, and finally, the whole subterranean world had acknowledged them as their conqueror. This was all a part of the golden age of the ancient Magi.

Later, the...

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