Chapter 288


Under the pressure of the space tearing, the sounds of bones cracking were constantly produced from Leylin’s body, and fresh blood spurted out like a stream.

[Alert! Alert! Host body is currently in critical condition! Estimated time until cells completely fall apart from the pull of space: 8 seconds!]

The A.I. Chip projected a paragraph of red words in front of Leylin’s eyes.

“This is happening even with the sturdiness of my body! What method did ancient Magi use to deal with the power of space?”

Leylin’s expression suddenly turned sinister, his veins all popping out and his eyes turning red.

Just as the A.I. Chip counted down to the last second, the silver rays of light dissipated to reveal a pitch-black cave.

Leylin’s mind jolted and he rushed towards the cave.

*Bo!* As if penetrating a shapeless water membrane, Leylin arrived in a physical world, and the immense pressure from space vanished.

“That was close!” It was all a blur in front of Leylin’s eyes. With all his strength, he drew a red line and destroyed...

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