Chapter 287


“Oh? A unique, diseased spiritual force, and spiritual power full of hatred and resentment! You are a Gargamel, the main cause of the plague in the west!”

The rank 3 light Magus, Alric, immediately identified the Gargamel.

*Chi chi!* What came in response was a loud roar from the Gargamel.

The human figure with a bone mask waved his cape, and a great number of crazed and indistinct spirits pounced towards Alric, many of which began to self detonate in mid-air.

*Rumble!* The power of the explosion of spirits brought with it toxins of an ancient plague, causing Alric’s face to change as he staggered backwards.

“Light of Saint’s Glory!” He shouted, like a bishop not at all afraid of death, his face radiating with a dazzling light.

A large amount of milky-white, divine light was produced from Alric’s body, and the silhouette of a large building that commanded respect appeared behind him.

The moment these spirits met with the sacred light, black gases emerged from their bodies, and their crazed expressions became peac...

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