Chapter 286


“Activate gravitational spell formation at full power—100 times gravity!”

Leylin pressed his temples and ordered.

*Weng weng!*

A large, dark brown formation lit up and rose from the ground and tore apart the milky white domain.

The light Magus was stunned for a moment, the ball of energy in his hands changing its course and missing Leylin.

“An ancient spell formation? When did he set that up?”

The light Magus saw the terrifying formation that spanned for kilometres, shock apparent in his expression.

“I’ll take advantage of this! Suction spell formation!” An inverted “L” shaped rune brightened on Leylin’s body, and as if he was being sucked in by a black hole, he turned into a black streak and vanished.

“What an interesting little guy! It’s a pity that all your methods are useless against me!” The light Magus calmly looked in the direction in which Leylin had fled, and suddenly laughed, shooting a glance at the old Magus from the corner of his eye. He turned into a ray of light and quickly left the area.


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