Chapter 285

The Chase

In a grassland filled with blood-red pastureland.

An old male Magus with a head of white hair and a kind smile was guiding a few acolytes along the pasture. In their hands were a few metallic items used for harvesting.

“The reason for our existence is to seek truth! The path of a Magus is a continuous search for the truth, researching about phenomena and objects, and finding the rules in them and applying these concepts to ourselves. This is the source of motivation and strength for Magi!”

While walking, the old Magus taught the acolytes who were following behind him.

“I’ve already told you about the unique characteristics of the Bloody Grass. However, you’ve only seen pictures and samples. Now, I’ve brought you here, where it is naturally grown…”

“Arnold! Take a look at this. Is this Bloody Grass any different from the rest?”

The old Magus asked a male acolyte with freckles on his face.

“Yes! It’s thinner than others of its kind, and the veined pattern of blood on the surface isn’t very clear....

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