Chapter 284


“What’s going on?”

The Great Sage was surprised, and all of a sudden, his body lost all its strength.

*Boom!* Multiple steel creatures fell to the ground; the spirit flames in their black eye sockets died out. In a few seconds, they turned into dried up bones once again.

“Old friend!” The Great Sage wailed sorrowfully. His connection with his steed had been completely severed. In other words, the spirit of his companion of many years had been destroyed and no longer existed in this world.

“Who is it?” His eyes turned red.

That dark Magus and Siley turned in the same direction to look at Leylin, who had a helpless look on his face.

“It’s you!” The Great Sage’s face began to twitch. “You wretched trash! You dare…”

“How pointless!” Solidified blood-red rays shot out of Leylin’s eyes, and the red light on his wrist was now extremely intense, to the point that it hit its limit. *Bang!* The early alert warning system crystal exploded, turning into sparkling powder.

“Shadow Domain!”

“Toxic Bile!”

Total blackness filled the entire...

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